How To Cure Writer’s Block For – The Writer Who Thinks Their Stories Are Boring

Seems Like A Good Idea

Just got asked the question. How do I Deal With Writer’s Block?

And then another question, “How Do I Know If My Personal Stories Are Boring?”

First of all no body’s stories are boring. You may just need to spice up your vocabulary a little. To get right to the heart of this post scroll down until you see. Emotions are always engaging topics and sensory descriptive words are always great communicators and read on.

But for those who are just plain stuck, try this practice:

Since my granddaughter was born I have had no trouble thinking of things I want to tell her when she grows up. Little things that I may not remember when she’s able to understand what I’m talking about, so I put them in emails that I email to myself daily or when the inspiration strikes.

I think it is the same with our blogging. If we put the emotions of our ideas in little draft files in our website posts and leave them alone while. Go back to them now and again to see if any of them have grown into full-fledged stories, then start writing.

We don’t have to post them until we are ready to, but it is good not to lose any of those little gems that might turn into valuable stories for our readers. If we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers or even non-customers, if we put ourselves in the shoes of other people who may want to experience something that we have to share this is what blogging is about. Sharing our experience so that others will come to trust us and follow our recommendations when they may need something.

All that that means is, we do have stories about ourselves to tell? We just have to trust the feelings around them, nurture those feelings then put them into words. Write the emotion packed part first. Then go back and build the structure of the story around the emotion that changed or affected you in some way. It would be great if the story was related to the products we are promoting, but they don’t have to. Everyone reads stories to find out a little more about themselves.

You may have an experience that will give them insight that they have never had before, or at the very least, confirm what they already knew and that can be just as powerful a realization as discovering something they didn’t know. So, don’t sell your life experience short.Personal Thoughts and Inspiration Page

You may want to have a few posts on your website that deal solely with your life experience.

One WA member put a permanent file on her website in the sidebar that was just for inspirational stories and reflections from her personal life. I thought that was so very charming and endeared me to her and to her site immediately. I go back there often to read her thoughts. I plan on doing that as well for my own site. Soon.

Like I said, if you can search the internet and find stories about your product or niche that engage, inform, entertain and give insight all the better. But if you can’t come up with personal experiences about your product or niche, then dazzle them with stories about yourself or stories that you like. Name it My Reflections, or My Story picks. Something that tells them this is set apart and may not be relevant to the product but just something you wanted to share.

Emotions are always engaging topics and sensory descriptive words are always great communicators. The internet is a very cerebral medium and people are hungry to find emotionally engaging content. If tactful and well written you can entertain your viewers for hours or days with your stories, anecdotes, in sights and humor.

Below are a few tips put together by a site called CopyHackers. They are really good recommendations for making your stories more memorable and compelling to your readers. Three of them are the following: Try out their suggestions and let me know what you think.

Try to spike your stories using these sensory image words:

  1. Tactile Words
  2. Aromatic Words
  3. Motion Words

Studies show that words that engage our senses and engage those parts of our brain outside of those usual language processing areas are memorable and more experiencial to our readers. In using them we are more fully engaging the entire mind of our reader. They are fun to erite and to read.

Tactile Words

Studies show that people respond more to a phrase like tired eyes than they do to unfocused eyes. Unfocused eyes expresses one state of being. They are unfocused. That’s it. Whereas tired eyes expresses an experience. Everyone has experienced tiredness and everyone knows what it is to have eyes that are blurry, and eyelids that are heavy and a head that pounds when they try to focus their eyes on something.

Unfocused is not tactile in the same way that tired is and it is not unusual either.

Aromatic Words

A 2006 study asked participants to read words with a strong odor association. As they read these words, their brains were scanned by an MRI. When they looked at the words perfume and coffee their primary olfactory cortex lit up the part of their brain that the rest of the copy just didn’t.

Motion Words

Words describing movement do something similar too. So, when you read the sentence. people jumped for joy, the motor cortex which controls our movements becomes engaged.

So, to be clear, this is science. They study this. This is a fact you can take to your CEO if somebody doesn’t believe you.

So, if you want your readers to respond to your words, use words that stimulate parts of their brain not normally stimulated by copy.

Bring that picture to life with words that suggest texture, sense or movement.

Here is another thought about using unusual words to communicate a tactile experience.

So what would you do with a paragraph like this?

‘The clean minimalist drag and drop editor never gets in your way so you can create the surveys you want faster and with far less frustration than ever before.’

You might write something more tactile and motion rich like this:

‘Drop questions into place to craft sharpedged surveys faster and with far less frustration than ever before.’ Sensory Words 1

With that copy you kicked off by using movement words. ‘Drop questions into place.’

You also used a very tactile word, ‘sharp-edged surveys.’ Now, what are sharp-edged surveys? Who actually knows? But it’s tactile. It makes you think of thin paper or razors or sharp accusations, a thing worthy of paying attention to.

Should you care that ‘sharp edged surveys’ might not actually mean something? I personally wouldn’t….

I used to love the T.V. show the West Wing which was written by Aaron Sorkin. In one episode the screewriter uses the phrase, ‘The WatchWord of All Mankind” in one of his speeches. And the character’s peer, Toby, says, “the watchword of all mankind, I don’t even know what that means.” Will replys, “Don’t worry, neither will anyone else.”

What Is Your WatchWord of All Mankind?

Now that’s a bit of writer’s arrogance, but it speaks to a key lesson. Sometimes you can play with language if you do it intentionally and sparsely. Let yourself say something different sometimes.

That word makes me think of what is most important to all of mankind. It gets me out of my little theater of emergencies and makes me think of the larger picture in a more profound and deeper way. A way in which language can and does really help culture to evolve. How many impactful new words do you have up your sleeve?

Always remember that a good portion of your blog must be good solid facts about your product, if you are promoting something in the same post as the story you are writing, but draw them in with your stories and you will have a customer for life.

Another way to get out of the slump of writer’s block is to read about threads that other people are talking about in blogs, forums and Q and As. For example:

Quora, a question and answer forum on just about any topic you can imagine. It is always difficult for me to tear myself away once I start reading the quality contributions there.

Yahoo, Bing, Google all have Q and A forums as well.


Even though you may already have your niche ideas, here’s another list of ideas you can gain inspiration from for your posts. It doesn’t always have to be about selling something. – 112 Blog Ideas to use for your new blog.

The more you research your product, idea or topic, the more the ideas will come.

I wrote about more ways to research your product. Visit my blog at

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How To Research For Articles – The Difference Between An Advertisement and An AdCopy

Today I’m going to talk a little about the difference between advertisements and ad copy.

There are three ways you can know if you are a great writer.

Can you make someone cry?Crier

Can you make someone laugh?

If you can do either of these you are a great writer.

Can you make someone take action to solve their problem?


 If you can do this in addition to making someone cry or making them laugh, then you have the formula for winning over your readers and making them customers for life.


Have you ever seen that advertisement on T.V. that shows a contestant waiting by the phone to see if he will be called to answer the question that will win him lots of money? He is sitting there eating a big piece of chocolate cake waiting for the phone to ring.

It rings, and as the MC says, “You are the lucky contestant to have been chosen among thousands to answer the following question. If you do answer it correctly you’ll win $10,000. The question is, “Who killed Alexander 120px-Hamilton-burr-duelHamilton?”

Our contestant’s excitement rises to a feverish pitch as he realizes that he just finished reading a Biography of the famed Revolutionary War hero, Founding Father and Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton and he knows exactly who killed him. And so he speaks into the phone with all confidence and joy his little heart has mustered and says, ‘Awon Buwaa.’ The MC says, I’m sorry would you say that again?” He says again with his mouth full of chocolate cake, ‘Awon Buwa.’

The MC says, I’m sorry, I can’t be sure, but that sounds like a wrong answer, we’ll have to go to another contestant and hangs up. The camera moves in on a very shocked, frustrated and extremely disappointed contestant with chocolate frosting covering his mouth and chin and the announcer’s voice on the T.V says,

“got milk?”

Advertisements Make You Aware of A Product – They Inform You About What They Are Offering You

This story is an example of an advertisement. Its purpose is to make you aware, albeit in a very shocking and funny way, that you may or may not have any milk with you now and will you have any when next you may need it? It is making you wonder whether-or-not you are aware of whether-or-not you have any milk in your fridge. Nowhere in this ad does anyone ask you to go put your shoes on, get in the car, drive down to the store and buy a bottle of milk. Nowhere here is there a request for a direct response from the reader.

Ad Copy – Direct Response RequestedThey Laughed When I Sat Down

Now follow this link: They Laughed When I Sat Down To Play….

I have chosen this ad, though old, because it is considered the breakthrough Direct Response Ad for all of marketing. Marketing from the day this ad was released has never been the same. It set the tone for direct response advertising from day one, is considered an icon of the Direct Response Marketing community and its author John Caples is considered a guru of the genre.

Take your time and read through this ad and see if you can pick out those places in it, from the very Call to Action - Coupon Infobeginning that are engaging you as the reader. Whether or not you were interested at the moment you first saw the ad in learning to play an instrument, chances are once you started reading, you got hooked and sold into learning to play.

Where are those places that hooked you as a reader? Where were you engaged by them?

Your choices may be different from mine, but here are a few that I chose:

A. The story itself of impressing and surprising your friends and family is extremely engaging.

What Are You Connecting With In Your Customer?

Who doesn’t want to impress friends and family with our accomplishments? 

We deserve to have pride in ourselves and fun with our friends and family.

  1. You are telling them that they are capable of learning a new skill.
  2. You are telling them that they deserve to show off the fruits of their years of learning how to learn.
  3. You are telling them that they can finally show their friends and family with the gift of music how much they love them.

B. How I learned to play without a teacher.   

What are you connecting to in your customer?

Their accomplishments and capabilities.

  1. You are connecting with the busy-ness of your customer. The program is structured to require no time- consuming and laborious practice sessions.
    • You are telling them that they are being responsible to others in their lives and so they are very busy people.
  2. You are telling them that you see them as disciplined and organized enough to create and schedule what practice time will be required of them without a teacher.
    • You are telling them that they are being responsible to themselves in practicing the discipline and organization they need to get things done for themselves and those they are responsible for.
  3. You are telling them that your product is so complete, you will not need to pay a teacher week after week to tell you what you already can see for yourself. Or you are telling them that your product is so complete that it contains everything that you would need to know to play like a champ, even if it is instruction on how to find what you are looking for in your piano learning enterprise.
    • You are telling them that they are capable and talented enough to teach themselves

C. Play Any Instrument

What are you are connecting to in your customer?

That part of them that wants to be an artist.

The mystique around the playing of an instrument, any instrument is dispelled with the list of instruments that the reader can be taught to play. The reader is put into the same category as some of the greatest musicians and artists of the reader’s time. They don’t kid themselves that they will be as accomplished as the greats, or will they? What matters is that the reader is made of the same stuff as the great musical achievers of his day.

D. Send For Our Free Booklet and Demonstration Lesson

What are you connecting to in your customer?

That part of them that wants value for their money. 

Value = Quality + Cost

  1. The cost is minimal. At the very least it costs nothing or very little to try the program to see if you are happy with what you can learn. No further commitment or investment is necessary.
    • You see them as an individual with circumstances completely different from everyone else reading this ad and you are taking those circumstances into consideration by giving them a no to low cost, no further obligation trial of the program.
  2. Package arrived in a timely manner. So many trial run offers seem to be scams today as the trial run period begins the day you purchase the product instead of the day you receive it.  An unscrupulous seller can wait until the last few days of the trial period to even send the program or product out to you so that you have no time to try it out before you have to purchase the product full-price.
    • You are acknowledging and respecting their tendency to be skeptical of the quality of anything that they are putting their hard earned money out to buy.
  3. It was everything and more that it claimed to be.
    • You respect them enough that you don’t want them to be lied to. This isn’t just too good to be true. They can trust this company that they provide what they say they will.

E. Sign and Send the Convenient Coupon Now!

What are you connecting to in your customer? 

The ease of making that decision that could change their lives!

  1. Give the reader a command.
    • Tell them exactly what to do.
      1. Fill out the coupon completely and send it in.
      2. You’d give them a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you could.
  2. Make them act by saying that the offer is limited.
    • Oddly enough, this still works. Probably because even though most offers are not time sensitive, some are and the reader is never really certain which are and which aren’t and so it is an incentive for them to act in a timely manner.
  3. Everything supplied when needed cash or credit
    • Let them know the company has everything they need and will supply it for them when they need it.
    • Let them know when there will be an additional charge up front.
      1. That way they will know when something is really free.
  4. Name of School and Address
    • name of offer re-iterated, so they are sure at every step what they are purchasing.
      1. Eliminate as much confusion during the action step as possible.
      2. Spell it out like you were talking to children.
      3. Every detail is important because they are hearing this for the first time and they want to be sure they know what they are signing up for.
  5. What is requested of you?
    1. course and instrument you are interested in
    2. your name and address
    3. timely response

So, AdCopy or Direct Response Marketing, on the other hand, is intended to get your reader to take immediate action at your suggestion or recommendation.

  1. Draw your reader in with a favorite story that captivates. It doesn’t even have to be a story that you yourself experienced.
    • You can say that this is a story about, your product or info.
    • Just make sure that the story is relevant to what you are promoting.
  2. Tell all the good and bad things you can about your product or information, be honest.
  3. Give your customer as much free value as you can that explains more about the product, or free trial of the product, free instruction or tutorials concerning the product.
    • Make the information so easy to access that they don’t have any time or reason to refuse or back out of the offer.
    • Don’t make your offer complicated to access.
  4. Then give them an offer that is difficult for them to refuse in conjunction with this free value you are giving them.
  5. Direct them to send that free info as soon as possible.

Once you have their contact information, you are on your way to developing a life-long customer relationship with this person who trusted you enough to download or order your offer.

If you can keep this in mind as you write your ad copy you will soon be writing content that engages and gets a direct response from many who read it.

Please stay tuned and come back for more posts about story writing, ad copy writing and engaging content.

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Some Much Needed Perspective On Hosting


Some Much Needed Perspective On Hosting


Hosting is cheap…RIGHT?

Well, yeah, there is definitely some CHEAP hosting plans out there. You see $3.96 hosting, $5 hosting, even $10 hosting. These are low quality hosting services offered by the likes of GoDaddy, HostGator or and yes, they are cheap…but you get what you pay for.

And these hosts are stuffing you on a server with 1,000’s of other domains, domains which are slowing your site down because they are not monitored and domains that leave huge security holes that leave you vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and data integrity issues.

These are platforms that ARE NOT specific to WordPress nor are they a good idea to host your WordPress website on.

We have never done “cheap” here at Wealthy Affiliate, and what you are getting here with your Premium membership is sheer quality.

Our Hosting is State of the Art, High Quality, and is Setting Industry Standards.

We have never compromised quality for volume. We could offer a low-quality service like shared hosts are offering, but we simply are not in the business of offering anything but what we KNOW to be the utmost quality.

To compare a $60-$100 per year hosting plan at HostGator or GoDaddy to that offered here at WA, is like comparing apples to oranges, or budget, low quality and highly insecure …to high quality, high performance, fully supported and maintained, and highly secure hosting (that you get here at WA).

There are companies that are offering a similar host quality that we are offering here to Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate and I think you are going to be surprised as to how much a service like this really costs.

Some “Comparable” Hosting Plans in the Industry

The only comparable plan I could find in terms of quality (albeit lower than that offered to you at WA), is GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting WPengine hosting.

How much are they in comparison (for a comparable plan)?

GoDaddy is $76.99 per MONTH. (see details here)
WPEngine is $249.00 per MONTH (see details here)

This is anywhere from 3 times, the 9 times more expensive the price you pay for your entire membership here at WA (based on the yearly membership here).

And these hosts don’t include:

  • A highly optimized and simplified hosting platform
  • The ability to MOVE websites from one domain to another
  • The Ability to fire up FREE Websites on demand
  • Full Redundancy (100% backed-up to the minute)
  • The latest and greatest hosting technology (your websites are always hosted on the highest powered servers available)
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Personal website monitoring and maintenance
  • Removal of “rogue” plugins and themes
  • Comment spam management and behavioral assessment (so you don’t even get the spam in the first place)
  • Website integrity updates the continually improve how your WordPress sites function, based on the latest version of WP

So not only are the true industry comparisons a minimum of 3 times the cost, they are also inferior to the service level that you can come to expect here at WA with the hosting inside your Premium membership.

But This is Just the Quality of Hosting You Get Here..

With those plans you are not getting everything else that is offered to you here.

  1. The Community and the Live Help
  2. Access to Industry Experts
  3. Personal Access to the Owners
  4. World Class Training (1,000’s of resources)
  5. Keyword Research Tools
  6. Weekly Live Video Classes
  7. Unlimited Access to our Website Builder
  8. One of the Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs in the World
  9. Ambassadorship Program (Ability to Pay it Forward)
  10. Incentive Programs
  11. Business Productivity Tools (Rapid Writer, Link Tracking, KW Lists)
  12. Access to ALL Future Updates

And this is all included in your membership. And this is ALL you need to create and grow a business. So when you put a “hosting package” alongside a business building and education platform like WA, there is simply no comparison.

And a Little Perspective…

I just wanted to give everyone a bit of perspective on what you are getting here at WA. You are getting a much higher quality service, for a lower price…and this is just talking about the hosting aspect. For a similar host only, you would be looking at minimum of $75 per month!

Hosting is not just hosting and we can assure you that you are getting the highest quality hosting platform here at WA.

With a Premium membership here at WA, you can be assured that you have access to a business building platform that you can run a business off of, grow a business as a result of, and rest easy at night knowing that you are getting the absolute best service in the world and we will continue to push this beyond what it is today.

With each day that passes, your service and your experience here within WA is only going to get amplified in a very, very good way!

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How To Research For Articles – Getting The Feedback You Need For What You Write

Wealthy Affiliate – Network Marketing Career Support

Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up Page


If you have ever wanted to start writing, or start doing anything that will get your message out to the world and wanted the support from others just like you who were just getting started and from experts who have been in the business of getting information to those looking for it for a very long time, you deserve to treat yourself to the most revolutionary place on the internet.

I have been joining and paying a lot of money over the years to people and programs who claimed they could help me get my internet website up and running and monetized to boot if that was what I wanted.

I was interested. I wanted to explore this world via the internet because I am a curious person and had the time. I having been searching for the right place to explore the world of the internet on and off for over 15 years.

Recently I found Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned more from Wealthy Affiliate in 1 1/2 months than I have learned playing with the internet over the past 15 years. It’s as simple as that.

It wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliates that all of my dreams of an internet adventure have finally come true.

From knowing practically nothing to having in one month:

  1. Learned about internet marketing, what it is, what it does, that is possible for me to doit,
  2. Learned how to use keywords to unlock my creativity in researching a niche to share my passions in,
  3. Have chosen an appropriate niche to share with the world,
  4. Researched keywords to help me decide on the name for my niche,
  5. Set up my niche website in WordPress,
  6. Have gotten to know which plugins to use and how to install them,
  7. Have written over 12 posts for my niche,
  8. Have drafted and researched over 100 more possible ideas for posts,
  9. Had people read and comment on my posts,
  10. Have had the opportunity to read other people’s posts and comment on them,
  11. Have been given knowledge of how to follow the rankings of my posts on Google,
  12. Have posted my posts and articles on Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest,
  13. Have been given a ranking within my Wealthy Affiliate Community based on the criteria that helps people get ranked high on Google,
  14. Have had the emotional support and questions answered that I have needed to keep going when I got stuck.

I have come a long way and am looking forward:

  • to learning a lot more about the internet and how it works,
  • to learning a lot more about the world and how I can participate in the marketplace it supports,
  • to meeting a lot more interesting people along the way,
  • to reading about a lot more personal passions,
  • to finally getting rid of that gnawing feeling that this is “just too good to be true”
  • and really beginning to believe that Wealthy Affiliates will be with me through the entire learning process all the way to my success.

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How To Research For Articles – Ezines, Blogs, Diaries, Anything Else?

How To Research Articles For - EzinesHow to research for articles,” it so happens is a loaded keyword search term and there are a couple of different ways to interpret that term.


Does it mean:


  1. how to look for articles that are already written? Or does it mean….
  2. how  to find the research I need to write my own article?


There are blogs and there are ‘ezine’ articles that can help us with our research. Though blogs are interesting and quite informative, trade ezines (in your specific niche) are more vetted, in that they are usually researched for their Product Life Cyclequality and content before published. So, I like to go to trade ‘ezine’ research first, then to google for the general blog information.

The research for both of these queries is to enter the keyword “‘your trade’ ezine” into a search engine, preferably google as it is the most complete of all the search engines. You may have to sign up for some of the ezine sites that come up in order to receive all of the benefits they offer, but most have a pretty good search capabilities just by visiting the site.

Look for articles under all different titles and categories that you or your customers might look under to find the subject you are interested in. Be creative and generous with your keyword and key phrase research. You would be surprised under the titles that some real gems of information are hiding.

Also, I have recently found the following site. There are some really good research ideas there and I would recommend you look carefully at them to see if they can lead you to places on the internet where you can find research information you are looking for in finding information for your articles. Go to:

Go to: How To Find Anything On-line to see what I am talking about.

The above site touches on some scholarly research as well and uses MIT as an example, but you can do this MIT Research Librarykind of research with literally any university you want to. Just type in the university’s name and look for the library connection in the university site. There are usually pretty good instructions about how to use the libraries of these universities. Further down the above website there are suggestions for searching Specialized Websites that take you to History, Art, Science and you can search to your heart’s content.

There are many, many more suggestions for finding information for your articles. The real research comes in vetting the authors of that information. You might try googling the author’s name and see what comes up. If you make this a habit, you will find yourself developing a sixth sense for how to find what is valuable and what is just hype.

 And interesting result of my researching for this post was to find an article in the MIT Library entitled:

Using Water Diaries to Conceptualize Water Use In Lusaka, Zambia

Diaries, it seems, are chock full of qualitative data on products, information, and projects of all kinds. You name a topic or a product and I would guess there is someone out there who has been keeping daily data on the use or research into that product or information or service. This is what’s known as qualitative research in that it is the record of someone’s experience with a product or their research into that product over a period of time.

If someone is going to take that much of their time to use and keep a record of something, they

  1. Must be very interested in it.
  2. Must be taking down quality information about the diary

So, I would recommend you go to any University or College Library or just Google the term:

Diaries for “your product or information” research.

For example,  I Googled “Diaries for blender research” and came up with an interesting site that did some comparisons of Best Blenders Reviews, Guides, Tips and Recipes. Haven’t read the whole post, but it looks both interesting, informative and fairly complete.

Example 2: I Googled “Natural Remedies Diaries Research” and came up with a number of quite interesting sites. I would invite you to check it out. Try this approach for finding quality research for your article or blog and let me know what you think.

I became interested in reading the Water Diaries Article from MIT to see if there was any way that a Diaries approach could give me a different spin, twist or bend or just a viewpoint about my product that I hadn’t seen before.

As one of the comments in my blog about ‘Getting Exhausted Writing Content,” mentioned, we can get stuck and predictable about the way we write content. Our take on something is what makes us unique, yes, but we are infinitely creative creatures and can come up with infinite ways to speak about just about anything. We may need some creative input to do that, however. And it may be that the suggestions above can help us refresh that uniqueness that is in us.

Whether we know it or not, no matter what we are selling or promoting on the internet, even ourselves, our brands, we are all basically just writers after all. We have to communicate who we are and what we promote.

Ready To Start Writing?

I recommend visiting WA member Nathaniell’s site for tips on Writing Product Reviews of Stuff You Don’t Own

These may be ways to keep it fresh and interesting, on point, factual and creative.

Good writing.

Let me know what your research into diaries, ezines and blogs brings you.

email me at

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or leave a comment below.

Thank you and

All the best



I Get Exhausted Writing Content

I decided to turn one of my comments into a post. Mainly because the answer was getting a little too long for a comment and also, I thought that these thoughts and the question itself might help others with the same question.


So the question was:

I really have a problem with writing content. I know that it is a major factor for the success of a website. I try to write everyday because I need to improve my writing skills. I agree with you that if you really want to develop you have to do it consistently. My only problem now is writing quality content. I find it exhausting because i think that my articles are not that good. Do you have any suggestion?


I agree that writing quality content, in the beginning, is exhausting. I think that is because we are trying to figure out how to express the sincerity we feel about what we are trying to share with others. A wise woman once told me that there are two kinds of work, physical labor, and emotional work. It is very difficult to freely give away our emotional point of view. Even if our point of view is only about a product. I think that most of us care about how our suggestions will affect those we give them too. We want to be helpful. We don’t want to cause other people problems.

The best way to deal with that sometime unconscious concern is to become a very good researcher of our product or information. Find out everything we can about what we are promoting, all the positive points and all the possible pitfalls as well. This thorough research can help free us to feel good that what you are promoting is quality stuff. I wrote a post about research. Please go visit that post at How To Research For Articles – The Psychology of Not Getting Stuck and see if the info helps.

In sharing our point of view (even if it is about a product), we are sharing a vulnerable part of ourselves and I think it is perceived by our customers as honest. I think we are all trying to be honest and sincere about our experience and why it is important enough for us to share it with others. When we open up our feelings, even about a product, to strangers I think more than not we are perceived as being sincere and honest and vulnerable. I think that people are more willing to trust the view of a vulnerable, honest opinion than the view of a sales pitcher who has learned how to protect his feelings with canned robotic words.

Everyone is trying to connect and be connected to. If you have a point of view or story to tell that is from your heart, people may be more inclined to trust what you have to say about other things.

I think that the more you do your research about your product and really try to give your customers quality products, the better you will feel about sharing more emotionally based stories and experiences about other parts of your life as you build out your blog.


Could you share a funny story about the product you are promoting? Everyone loves to laugh or even just giggle. Anecdotes, even about products are fun. Anecdotes and stories that are not your own are just as good. Read about other people’s experiences with the products. As long as you clarify that the experience is not your own, I think people will appreciate it. I really envy those people who have a story or anecdote for every occasion. They can pull a story out of a hat. That is something I really want to work on for myself.

Anything that helps us share in another world even for just a minute can be like a little vacation. Get away from thinking that your writing is being judged harshly. Believe me, it isn’t. And even if someone or two decide they want to judge your writing for some reason. So what. There are more people wanting to root for your sincerity and vulnerability than those who want to judge it.

As you go through Wealthy Affiliates you will be given an opportunity to read a lot of blogs. As you read through them be honest about how their writing affects you personally. Bookmark those sites that you like and would like to return to and learn more from, even if, or should I say especially if it is the writing that you like.


So, yes. Emotional truth can be exhausting. Try a little at a time. Post your stories on WA for comments and know that the comments you are getting from people are for real. Hopefully, those comments will give you the encouragement to keep researching for quality and opening up.

Visit my post – What Do People Want – Customer Motivation

Let me know what you think

Others have told me that some of my other posts have been helpful in motivating them in getting started with their content writing.

Please leave a comment below.

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I just finished a post entitled How to Research for Articles – Ezines, Blogs, Diaries, Anything Else? – You might want to read what I wrote about Diaries. It might help with those creative juices.


How to Research for Articles- Grammar


As I read many blogs and posts in order to find ideas for my own posts on Writing Quality Content for your blog, I notice that:

1) The subject matter and knowledge of subject matter  of most websites is “outstanding.” People know their stuff. They know what they are passionate about. They seem to really love what they are doing and that is “attractive.” However,

2) when it comes to ‘content’ as differentiated from subject matter, 4 out of every 5 posts I read have some very obvious and embarrassing grammatical, spelling, context or copy write errors.

If we want our simple but fantastic subject matter to be eventually reviewed and perhaps posted by a well-known and influential on-line magazines within our niches, we need to be as grammatically correct and content appropriate as possible.

I have been using Grammarly since day one of my writing of my posts. I have a bachelor’s degree and some post-grad classes, have been writing all my life and still I am surprised at all the grammatical, sentence structure and spelling mistakes that Grammarly picks up in my writing. Sometimes I think that brilliant people like us think faster than we write and then move on to our next task before proofreading what we have written.

Well, Grammarly takes care of our proofreading for us by checking our English for correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and more.

I was able to put the basic Grammarly App on my Chrome and Firefox browsers for free. If I was using Safari browser, I would be able to put Grammarly on it as well. I have been using the free version for months now and it works very, very well, however, I am going to upgrade in order to take advantage of all the help they give in cleaning up and making my posts article ready quality.

This sounds like a real ad pitch and frankly it is.

I feel like a real ‘Pro’ when using Grammarly. Just one less thing to have to worry about with my on-line content.

You will still have to provide the magical ‘subject matter.’ But I really urge and encourage everyone to put Grammarly upgraded on all of your web browsers.

Here is an excerpt from a post by Meg Dowell
Meg is the managing editor at College Lifestyles magazine, a guest contributor with Lifehack and and a guest blogger for Food & Nutrition Magazine. She is an eight-time NaNoWriMo winner and has also written for Teen Ink and USA TODAY College. Follow Meg on Twitter.

I discovered something soul-crushing: two websites whose copywriters and content editors allowed the use of “towards” on their web pages.

These were semi-credible organizations, not blogs or sketchy dot coms. I’m still in a state of shock that I came across not one, but two of these grammatical crimes in a row. Do you think I used anything I found on those pages for my article, or even finished reading them through? If you guessed no, you’re my new favorite person.

You might have great ideas, and the potential to make people really listen to what you have to say. If your writing shocks people the way these writers shocked me—and “shock” here is not used in a positive light, either—you’re not going to get very far. Here’s what you might be missing in your own online work, and you can do, as a writer, to make sure you’re not even unintentionally ruining your own credibility.

Infuriating the Internet’s Grammar Enforcement Squad
If you’ve been writing for a while—and hopefully, if you’re posting online, you have—you’re no stranger to basic grammar and style laws. Avoid starting sentences with because. Set an excellent example, not a awful one. However, based on my recent findings, it’s clear some rules are less commonly followed in the general online community, and in all honesty, you’re going to draw the wrong kind of attention from editors and the like if you’re not careful.

I can’t speak for all editors, but when I’m doing basic research and stumble upon an article or web page with obvious (to me) grammar mistakes, I hit the back button. I stop reading. This is neither good for you nor the publication, website or organization you’re writing for. Know the audience you are writing for and what style you should be following, then follow it. (Side note: AP Stylebook says, “toward, forward, afterward”).

6 Responses to “Three Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Credibility as a Writer (and How to Fix Them)”
creativityinthebox says:
March 23, 2015 at 7:39 AM
Your ‘towards’ using writers could just be English (or other British). I have a similar reaction towards ‘toward’.

Novelty Revisions says:
March 23, 2015 at 11:55 AM
I hadn’t thought about the possible difference in dialect. Unfortunately I’m more familiar with AP Style than any other style (I hope to expand my horizons, of course) and am just used to many of its rules. It’s not “wrong” – just something to get used to I suppose. It was mainly the fact that I stumbled upon it written that way twice in a row that startled me!

creativityinthebox says:
March 23, 2015 at 12:35 PM
American English is so prevalent that I’m probably more used to seeing alternatives than you are. There are some Americanisms that drive me up the wall (‘I could care less’ is one that will have me immediately close the tab for fear of starting an argument), but for the most part I hardly notice them. It’s like being bilingual.

Novelty Revisions says:
March 23, 2015 at 1:03 PM
You must mean the argument that it’s “could care less” when the proper phrase is of course “couldn’t care less,” as in, “They could not care any less about the claims of the grammatically ignorant.” Segue – contractions have ruined English regardless of the dialect. I wish we did not use them. I am trying to train myself not to write them so often for reasons similar to the above.

Or, to summarize: I agree with you. 🙂

creativityinthebox says:
March 23, 2015 at 1:15 PM
It depends on what I’m writing. I’d never use contractions in academic writing, but in fiction they sound unnatural and clunky, unless you’re going for an archaic feel. Every function has its form, as it were.

Check out what others are saying…
Three Reasons Creative Writers Should Try Writing Nonfiction | Novelty Revisions says:
March 27, 2015 at 6:19 PM
[…] you enough, it’s not good research. When writing nonfiction, research is essential to the credibility and clarity of your piece. Before writing an article or essay, you’d better know the topic […]

Hope this review of the importance of grammar in content writing has helped. I really encourage you to try Grammarly. You won’t be sorry.  And if you are looking for a forum and community to test out those posts and articles you do write with. There is none better than Wealthy Affiliates. Even if you don’t go public with your work. You will get the best feedback for $47 a month anywhere on the Internet.

It costs $7 for the first week. The $19 for the rest of the month. Then $47 for every month thereafter. If you want you can pay $29 a month if you pay for an entire year at once


Book ReViews

Even though I absolutely  love to read, I have not yet attained the skill of speed reading and so know my limitations. I can’t possibly read and review all the books and articles I will want to recommend to you in my posts. Even though I would very much like to. And you can’t do that either, with your reviews. So what I’m doing is putting into practice those suggestions I made in my post on Scam or Legit Reviews – On Product Research For Quality Content. I’m going to do some research.

I don’t ordinarily recommend consumer reviews as a main source of verification, but when it comes to books, that is really the only resource there is. The trick is to find as credible reviews as possible.
Also, you might want to read this post on Consumer Trust In On-line Reviews
Sorry for all the pop ups in this report. Please just ignore them. They won’t bite if you do.
When a writer is looking to get their article or posts reviewed by a potential niche magazine for possible publication in that magazine, then stricter rules about consumer reviews may apply. But for the purposes of seeing what a number of people think about how the contents of a book has helped or hindered their progress, I think personal  reviews can be really helpful. Meanwhile, I will look for more impartial and unbiased reviews of the books I recommend.
And someday, perhaps, find the financial resources and time to read them all.
 I have found that even though Amazon does a good job of reviewing the products it sells, it is always a good idea to get reviews from sources other than the one’s actually selling the book. These outside sources like GoodReads and individual websites that offer comments on the books you want to buy can be found yourself by googling ‘Name of Book Reviews.” ie. Put the term Content, Inc. Review in Google and see what comes up. If you put in ‘Book Reviews’ you will get websites that do reviews. If you find a particularly good one, let me know in an email or in a comment on this post and I will pass it on.
I have googled the words “Book Reviews” and found that the following book reviewer, is the only one rated A+ by a legitimate book review site reviewer. Whew! that’s a mouthful.
The reviews I have read are in keeping with what I would like the information in the books I recommend to provide to those of you who are looking for more quality information on quality content. I have no reason to believe it won’t deliver that to you.

And as I said before, because they are reviews, it would be best to consider them like you would a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance.

So, when you go to the book review site, simply follow instructions for reviewing books.

Never pay money for the privilege of reading book reviews.

All the good ones will be free.

If you have to, give them your name and email. If it is a good book review site in your opinion, bookmark it and come back to it often for your reviews.

I will be adding more tips on how to get good reviews of books you might want to purchase, so come back often to see what’s new, if anything, but for now go ahead and read those reviews on GoodReads and Amazon (if applicable) and then go back to my site and purchase the book there so I can get the credit for sending it your way. And please do come back here and let me know in the comments how you liked or loathed it. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

All the best.



How To Research For Articles – The Psychology of Not Getting Stuck

 How To Research For Articles – How To Get Un-Stuck In Writing Content For A Monetized Blog

Stuck in Research

In doing research, it is easy to get stuck and bogged down in the midst of all that we are reading, trying to remember, decide what to keep and what to let go of.


Everything that we read influences our thinking and can send our intentions off into a direction that we never thought of before, but, because we are curious creatures by nature, we want to explore those directions more because they seem quite interesting and perhaps even more interesting than that information which we were first investigating. In order to keep this natural human curiosity from permanently derailing our research efforts, I think we need to:


Be very sure of the thing we  are researching. It has to be the one word we are looking for in all of the information we read. Even if there is only one sentence in the articles you are reading that reference what you are researching, copy it and put it in a file, preferably an excel file to go over later with all the other one or two liners or paragraphs you have picked up in your research. From these ‘keywords’ you will see a pattern of ideas and thoughts referred to frequently that you can be fairly certain are the ideas that these authors and authorities see as being the definition or take that their readers are responding to most concerning this thing that you are researching.

You then use those keyword phrases to design your articles around. You give them your ’tilt,’ your ‘take’, your ‘bend,’ ‘your lean,’ on the thing you are researching.

Read and understand those longer articles that talk about what you want to research and definitely use those ideas in your writing. But NEVER, NEVER, NEVER copy an article word for word and declare it as your own writing.

You will be sandbagged by Google’s search engines and this article under your name will never be ranked as anything. Plus, it is illegal to plagiarise somone else’s work. So, just don’t do it. It isn’t worth it. Besides, the world is waiting to hear what you have to say. They’ve already heard the other guy. Now, they want to know what your take is on the subject. I think our personalities come through quite remarkably through our writing.

So, don’t be afraid to write your own thoughts using the research already done by others. Remember that it is good to remember that ‘everyone stands on the shoulders of giants,’ whether we know it or not.

Take a look at the following post

How to Get Unstuck: The Psychology of Writer’s Block

It is a scholarly take on the psychology of getting un-stuck, ‘writer’s block.’ He touches on the need to:

  1. Use scholarly research and the use of unused keywords to build your content around.
  2. Just write.

Be Emotionally Attached

However, I would like to add to those wonderful suggestions the need to be emotionally attached to your writing. Even if you are promoting a blender. Why not give people a neat little story about the history of blending. We all know what the manufacturers histories about product research and development, but what about the psychology of blending. What about our culture wants to blend everything before we consume it? I know people, my daughter included who wouldn’t think of mixing their food on their plate. For some reason she and other people I know allow no one to mix their food except their stomachs.  Now a story like that would be fun and interesting, and it would show that you have thought beyond the monetary aspects of what you are promoting into the history of its benefits. I think that gives a kind of credibility that you know what you are promoting. And it is entertaining as well and helps the consumer perhaps know a little more about themselves and how they prefer to eat their own food.

Research, of any kind takes time.

I’m not going to lie to you, research of any kind takes time.  And distractions take away from what precious little time we have to do our research. Beside interesting articles and subjects that distract us in our research of a topic or subject for an article we may be writing, other things can get us stuck as we research the information we want to put into the articles and posts that go into our websites.

  1. Sometimes it is our relationships, our responsibilities to those who are supporting our work or those things we do to keep us focused on who we are and why we are doing what we are doing every day, whether those things are work related or not.
  2. Sometimes it is our own motivations that get in our way. Successful entrepreneurs use many guidelines to keep them focused on the tasks that they need to do each day to achieve their goals.

I would like to focus here on just a few things that I have found helpful in keeping me focused on what I want to share of myself and the products and information that I want to promote. I would like to focus on a few of the more psychologically based things that can keep us from getting stuck in our research:

  1. Work daily to learn and improve your knowledge of yourself and what you are promoting
  2. Always work to give your customer the best value for their money
  3. Practice self-awareness
  4. Time efficiency and managing your relationships properly both inside your business and outside of it.


1. Work daily to learn and improve our knowledge of what we are promoting, whether that is a product or a business.

Even though you think you’ve found the perfect product or business to promote, schedule yourself to do a search of that same product or business at least once a week.

If you’re not totally happy with the product you are promoting, then continue your research daily until you find the right one for you and your passion to-be-proud-of.

Take pride in what you are promoting. Always be looking for improvements in the model you are selling whether or not those improvements come from the manufacturer of the product or business you are now promoting or from some other source. Product manufacturer loyalty is a wonderful quality, but your primary loyalty should be to the satisfaction of the ones who are expecting the quality you promised them when you made them a customer. If a better, newer and more improved product has been developed by another company, don’t hesitate to promote that upgrade to your customers. They will appreciate that you gave them the information without their having to research or ask for it. There should be a never-ending process for everybody who works to achieve true success.


Research and learn from those who are already doing it successfully. It is very important to seek a successful environment to be a part of. Attend seminars and meetings that have to do with learning about or promoting the product or business you are interested in, whether on the internet or in person, because there are many people there who can bring many valuable connections that you can benefit from. Surround yourself with people who are already where you want to be. Read as much as you can about the business you do or the product you sell, and make sure your library is bigger than your TV.

If you are looking for a way to get your thoughts down on the internet and out to the world. If you’re ready to take that step and you want to do it right and you want to do it well, you will need a community to support you every step of the way from concept to creation to publication.

One of the best supportive communities on the internet for testing the quality of your research and the attractiveness of your content and get google rankings for your article at the same time is a community called Wealthy Affiliates.



2. Always work to give your customer the best value for their money. 

Now, that sounds pretty much like a formula and not a psychology, but the successful article writer thinks in terms of value to the customer and not primarily profit to himself. And so, as with number 1, successful researchers look for value in the products they are promoting, because they realize that they need to always give their customers the best value that they can.


This means staying away from promoting expensive products just BECAUSE they are expensive and their sale will give them a nice profit or commission.


The definition of value is quality + cost.


Quality takes into account as one reviews the product, its reliability, ease of use, does it do what it is supposed to? Those things come first, then if you can promote the product for a price that your customer can afford or even below what he can afford, then you have given them value. And I don’t care if you are rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, everyone loves to get value for their money. So, if you can truly verify that a less expensive model or business is made with just as much quality as the more expensive model, you will be glad that you promoted the lower priced product.


Truly successful people work to learn and develop themselves. Income is only a tool to achieve that primary purpose. And a person who is passionate about their business or product will always be learning and developing themselves as they learn how to find the best value for their customer and develop their business and products to give their customer that value.


Earlier in this post I spoke about thinking of the psychology of the product you are promoting in an effort to tell an interesting and entertaining story about the product to help people learn a little more about themselves and their own motivations for buying what you are promoting. Some would say that this would take away from the impulse buying that is so very important in the marketplace. I think it will be respecting your customer enough to get them believing that you are thinking of them as people and individuals and that you really are interested in their welfare in the products you promote.


The very best value in the Internet Market World for helping you get your quality ideas and products to a waiting world is the community I am working with. If you have a wonderful idea, come see if we can help you get it out to the world at the best value for you. Click on the icon below.


3. Practice Self-Awareness

This principle goes hand in hand with the previous one because self-awareness leads to respect for oneself and others and then to better choices. Some would say that self-awareness is the absence of ego or, the opposite to ego, but I think that ego serves a purpose. At all stages of development it serves to help us survive. One of the important parts of parental training though and an important element of self-awareness is to teach us how to use our egos to realize that our own survival is dependent upon the survival of other human beings, animals and the health and survival of the earth we live on and everything that grows from it and on it and then to use our egos to help those other people and our earth to survive.


So self-awareness goes beyond becoming aware of our own rather selfish tendencies, to becoming aware of the needs of the world environment that sustains our own life and then developing the capacity to empathize and become compassionate for all that exists. As we challenge ourselves to have compassion for and to understand our customers and what motivates them to purchase the things they do, comes a deeper understanding of how to give them what they need to solve their problems and with that comes a better understanding of the business process and with this customer solution learning process comes the deeper understanding of one’s self.


Some might also say that emotion is the enemy of self-awareness. I think just like ego, emotions also serve a purpose. The are in my experience a great motivator. They motivate us to ‘act now.’ When we or someone we love is in danger, the emotion of fear gets us moving to protect or save that person or object from harm. When we are unhealthy because of loneliness, the emotion of fear again turns into a desire to be with and love another person and we get married and then the desire for joy motivates us to have children or to form strong intimate bonds with other people.

We can experience real joy also as we see our artistic or work efforts appreciated by others.  I think we can get bogged down with trying to figure out through thought which decision to make and which direction to take and the hope for.


There is, of course, a place for the science of  ‘how to give the customer what they want at the moment they are ready to purchase,’ and you do that as well in your sales content. But thinking of the emotion of exhilaration or relief that comes to us the writer as we overcome an inability to connect with the customer on any level other than product specifications can motivate us into writing and publishing that content after we have thoroughly researched the negatives and positives of what we are promoting and then having connected with the customer through a story, history of the product or anecdote, and take a leap of faith is one of the healthiest things that can happen to us as promoters. We have connected personally. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

I don’t think there is much to learn if we keep ‘the learning about our emotions’ out of the process of our work. I think one of our T.V. program presidents said to his T.V. program secretary something to the effect,’it is not the man who always succeeds who is the hero, but the one who lives with the consequences of his actions who is the real hero.’

Emotions often result from the actions that we or others take in the process of doing business.  The more we learn from what we feel at any given time, the more emotional learning will become an internal reality. And the more our emotional reactions become an internal reality, the more your emotional charges are replaced with calmness and focus, the more they can be used to focus and drive our creativity whether that is in our personal or our business lives. Choices come from inside out and never the other way around. If you keep that in mind at all times you get to be proactive instead of reactive. You begin to use your emotions as a motivator instead your emotions confusing and controlling you.

All of the inner work I am recommending can help us discover how much content there is contained within our own emotional experiences. Experiences of struggle, difficulties, successes.

4. Time-Efficiency and Managing your relationships properly, both in business and outside of it

There are many things that can distract us from achieving our goals in writing our blogs:


family, work, hobbies, interests, affiliations, personal responsibilities


I’m a firm believer that if we love what we are working on, and every aspect of that work, even though it may be a challenge in many ways, that work will give us greater creativity and fulfillment and, therefore, the energy we need to give our personal responsibilities, families, affiliations, hobbies, interests and work the quality time that we desire to give them no matter how much time that turns out to be.


As we come to know our niche and what we love about it and why we are passionate about it, we will become more organized and efficient at getting the technical elements of the work of getting that information to others. The more we work at it, the easier it will become. We will then be able to give ourselves the gift of enough time to be with and do what our heart’s desires.


Our niche will give us the strength we will need to give quality time to and with our personal responsibilities and the strength we gain from giving quality time to our personal responsibilities will give us the strength, determination, motivation and inspiration we will need to give to our work.


However, that being said, I think one of the most powerful distractions to getting our niche to run smoothly and efficiently that any of us will have to face are our own motivations that drive us to promote that niche in the first place. Why did we want to promote this niche? Why do we want to continue promoting it?  If we want to change our niche why do we want to change what we are doing? How do we find the way to change? How do we find the help and support we need to change?


I put each of the questions that come up in deciding why I chose the niche I did in a separate blog post, unpublished of course, and write my thoughts about them as time permits. It is amazing how many of these thoughts have led to helpful posts for others.


How do we find the help and support we need to change? I think this element is dependent on the 3 elements we have just discussed, that is, when we take into consideration those 3 things outlined above we will  choose a niche that serves more than our own desire to amass great amounts of wealth, even if that wealth serves the ones we love and perhaps even serves people whom we don’t know but who need the help.


This ability to think of the welfare of people I don’t even know has quite often been very energizing and motivating. It has kept me going on more than one occasion.We will start thinking about niches that serve future generations and the earth that they will inherit. Even if that help is only a little at first.We will start thinking about how to help people’s human spirits thrive and soar. And that will help our own spirits to soar.

Product Ethics

Eventually, we will begin to see that we are choosing products to monetize our sites that are good for people and the environment.

 Are these products being planted, harvested, manufactured, processed or packaged by slave labor or human trafficking?

Or by ecologically sustainable methods?

This aspect of product research is a lot more involved and technical, and I hope to get the information of how to do this kind of research out to you soon. Stay posted.As we look at the things we promote with the kind of critical eye I described above, myself like most people are less distracted either consciously or unconsciously by wondering what this product or business we are promoting may be doing to ourselves, the ones we love, our customers, the environment and, yes, even the people I don’t know. I will feel good about what I am doing and it will give me energy.A few paragraphs above I asked the question:

This aspect of product research is a lot more involved and technical, and I hope to get the information of how to do this kind of research out to you soon. Stay posted.As we look at the things we promote with the kind of critical eye I described above, myself like most people are less distracted either consciously or unconsciously by wondering what this product or business we are promoting may be doing to ourselves, the ones we love, our customers, the environment and, yes, even the people I don’t know. I will feel good about what I am doing and it will give me energy.A few paragraphs above I asked the question:

How do we find the help and support we need to change?That is one very easy question to answer.  It’s a site that enables the wanna be into become the successful achiever, whether that is writing (like me) or running a successful on-line business selling shoes or lawn mowing services or computer games and books and videos. Click on the icon below:Quality + cost = value = quality timeIf you have any comments, please leave them below!Visit my website at www.writingqualitycontent.comemail me at
All the best,Beth


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  1. Hello Beth,

    Your article was packed full of useful information. I could see that you really did your homework (or should I say research)!

    After writing so many articles for my website, sometimes I really struggle to find the next best article to write about. Using some of those methods your wrote about will be very helpful the next time I get stuck.

    Thanks for sharing the information with us. I’m sure others will find this article very useful.


    • Thank you Verna,

      It’s always good to know that I have been of some help to someone each day. It is sometimes difficult to let go of the desire to put timeless articles out at the cost of relevance and vice versa. I am working to try and create both in my posts.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      All the best in your posts.

      I will try to visit soon.


  2. HI. When I’m doing research for articles I use the same top four that is recommended in your link. The rest in that list is what will really help make an article healthy and original.
    Because researching is a learned skill, there may be room for someone to teach it to online marketers.
    I have a ten inch tv and my library is found all over the www
    How appropriate for me to read your article on the 15th birthday of Wikipedia. J.

    • Thank You Janelle,

      The nice thing about reaching for quality is that we never stop learning. Sounds like I have met a kindred spirit in those same beliefs. Thank you for your constructive words. Hopefully, you will be a teacher of good quality marketing as well.

      All the best,


  3. There is a Ton of great content on this page! I would even say too much. I learned a ton and suggest that everyone read this. If I were an average internet peruser then this would be almost too much to read in one setting, I would’ve definitely appreciated larger titles to make navigating the pages easier or maybe separating the content into several different pages! great job!

    • Dear Anthony,

      Thank you so much for your comments. I often wonder if I go on too much. I will definitely take your advice and break up the article a little bit. Again, thank you for your honesty. It is really helpful.


  4. I really have a problem with writing content. I know that it is a major factor for the success of a website. I try to write everyday because I need to improve my writing skills. I agree with you that if you really want to develop you have to do it consistently. My only problem now is writing quality content. I find it exhausting because i think that my articles are not that good. Do you have any suggestion?

    • Hi John,

      Basically, I think, that we need to make ourselves vulnerable in our writing as we recommend things to people to purchase or try. First of all, we need to share with people things about ourselves and opinions and experiences that we may think are too personal and private to share. By all means don’t share anything that will harm you or anyone you love, but stories about ourselves can endear us to our readers even if they may be a little revealing. I think that people tend to trust those more who dare to share something personal with them. This kind of emotional sharing can be exhausting but it also builds trust as in any relationship.

      I think, too, if we have a conscience we will worry that people will get out of what we recommend what we say they will. This can cause us to worry and worry causes stress and exhaustion. The solution to this concern is to be an avid researcher of your product, who is manufacturing it, what it’s best qualities are, what may be the products drawbacks, comparisons to other products on the market, bringing out the good and bad of your competitors.

      I have dealt with these ideas a little more in my website posts. Please look through my posts and see if anything there might help. My site is: writing quality content dot com

      I actually wrote a post in answer to your question and entitled it ‘I Get Exhausted Writing Content,’ Take a look and tell me what you think.

      I’d be happy to comment on any content you write if you want to give me your email in case my comments get a bit lengthy.

      All the best John and thanks for the question.



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What About Website Content? – Cultural Contribution

What about website content? It’s about writing. And what about writing? Writing records a culture and often defines it. Writing is one of the oldest professions known to human beings. Writing defines a culture, records it, molds and models it. Writing sells a culture and entertains and provides a living for many of the members within a culture. Because of the great diversity of writing purposes that motivate writers, there have arisen a wide and exciting  array of types and classifications of writing. A few are:
  • professional journaling
  • theological and philosophical reflections,
  • information articles,
  • technical articles,
  • how-to guides,
  • novels, short stories,
  • ad copy,
  • reporting and there are many more.

When I was learning about writing in school I thought of it as a means of understanding where I came from, my cultural, literary roots, the stories and histories and biographies that have created and maintained the traditions and systems that nurture and sustain myself and the people that I love.

 Since I live in a written culture that has been developing and adapting for over 5,000 years, and through my research into the writing of that culture I can find out what has been discarded and what has been deemed worthy of keeping in my culture, I try to take that into consideration in determining what is worthy of continuing to transmit to you through my writing.

When I have traditionally thought of doing my own writing, I think of hand-writing private thoughts into a journal under lock and key. I was fortunate when I stepped out into taking a creative writing course in college to have been encouraged by my teacher to continue writing for others enjoyment. And because I enjoy writing so very much and would like to do it full time, I am now exploring with this blog the exciting world of writing for income.

I have been trying for years to find a way to share my writing with other people in a tactful and reflective way. How could I get my writing out to people who might be interested in it and how could I get quality feedback on what I write? I could write a novel on why that never happened for me, but that is for another post. Right now I want to share with you a way in which my dreams of finding a community of people who would be interested in what I write has been realized.

I found this wonderful community of people like myself from all walks of life old, young, artists, thinkers, comedians, the practical, the whimsical, the ordered and disciplined, the scatterbrains, experienced, non-experienced all of us come together, as far as I can tell, to share our ideas, hopes, dreams, those talents and aspirations that may or may not have been locked up inside of us for, in my case, MANY years. We come together to share with one another and the whole world what we have been learning about the world and ourselves, through experience, all our lives. And lo and behold, people are interested in us.

This is an exciting idea, because, I think that if everyone had a way to express who they are and how they have come to be who they are with others, through: art, writing, song, dance, the formulation and creation of a product or products to sell, and get feedback on the value of that expression in a community of caring individuals who help make that expression of themselves better through their feedback, then the people who express themselves and the world they express themselves to can only benefit from the great wealth and value of shared ideas.

It is difficult for me to adequately express what I think is happening with the Internet’s potential to get everyone’s ideas good and bad out there where anyone can find and benefit from them.  This is what I want to share with you. If you have ever wanted to express yourself in any way and didn’t have a community to give you the necessary feedback to hone your skills and make them world-ready, or to even just force you to start expressing yourself, good or bad, in some form, then you need to look no further.Seems Like A Good Idea

This is what I want to share with you. If you have ever wanted to express yourself in any way and didn’t have a community to give you the necessary feedback to hone your skills and make them world-ready, then you need to look no further. I’ve looked and looked trying to find a place to share who and what I have become. I don’t think I am being vain in wanting that for myself. I am just grateful that I have found a place where potentially everyone can do that.

WA LogoSo, my friends  if you want to get started on an amazing journey of sharing yourself warts and all  with the world, come join me and thousands of others at Wealthy Affiliates who have taken that journey step by step, with feedback and support at every step by step. You learn, you grow, you step out of your comfort zones to see what you are really made of and, no surprise, what we’re made of is great stuff.

So In Summary

In the title of this page, I said that writing records a culture, but I also said that in many cases it defines a culture. A hundred years or so before our current culture there was nothing but books to record and define who we were as a culture.

Bragging Rights A Little  Today, even though most of our pop-culture is defined and recorded by movies, videos, and songs, everything that is shared on media whether that media is visual or auditory begins with something that is written down; a song, a video, a movie, a play, a book all begin at the tip of someone’s pen. 240_F_48771620_9XLY3b4zdXhXwq69QsdJSQTuDcxrb3ab

But with the internet as the structure for the dissemination of much of that culture, pop or not, whether through writing, video, music, play. books, articles, products, etc.  you and I have more and more the ability to contribute to and define the culture of the future.

And, I hope to help you find not only what is worth contributing to the formation of a future cultural environment, but what is worth keeping of your past.

We are on an amazing journey and I am going to make an effort to page1-420px-AR_web_28pp_24mar11_300.pdf (1) show you how to use the internet as a vehicle to help you share your contribution to your culture with the world and your vision of a world culture with everyone you want to. Every vehicle needs fuel. The fuel of our vehicle is going to be your creativity. Come and join the journey at Wealthy Affiliates today. You won’t regret it.

All the best.


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