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Even though I absolutely  love to read, I have not yet attained the skill of speed reading and so know my limitations. I can’t possibly read and review all the books and articles I will want to recommend to you in my posts. Even though I would very much like to. And you can’t do that either, with your reviews. So what I’m doing is putting into practice those suggestions I made in my post on Scam or Legit Reviews – On Product Research For Quality Content. I’m going to do some research.

I don’t ordinarily recommend consumer reviews as a main source of verification, but when it comes to books, that is really the only resource there is. The trick is to find as credible reviews as possible.
Also, you might want to read this post on Consumer Trust In On-line Reviews
Sorry for all the pop ups in this report. Please just ignore them. They won’t bite if you do.
When a writer is looking to get their article or posts reviewed by a potential niche magazine for possible publication in that magazine, then stricter rules about consumer reviews may apply. But for the purposes of seeing what a number of people think about how the contents of a book has helped or hindered their progress, I think personal  reviews can be really helpful. Meanwhile, I will look for more impartial and unbiased reviews of the books I recommend.
And someday, perhaps, find the financial resources and time to read them all.
 I have found that even though Amazon does a good job of reviewing the products it sells, it is always a good idea to get reviews from sources other than the one’s actually selling the book. These outside sources like GoodReads and individual websites that offer comments on the books you want to buy can be found yourself by googling ‘Name of Book Reviews.” ie. Put the term Content, Inc. Review in Google and see what comes up. If you put in ‘Book Reviews’ you will get websites that do reviews. If you find a particularly good one, let me know in an email or in a comment on this post and I will pass it on.
I have googled the words “Book Reviews” and found that the following book reviewer, is the only one rated A+ by a legitimate book review site reviewer. Whew! that’s a mouthful.
The reviews I have read are in keeping with what I would like the information in the books I recommend to provide to those of you who are looking for more quality information on quality content. I have no reason to believe it won’t deliver that to you.

And as I said before, because they are reviews, it would be best to consider them like you would a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance.

So, when you go to the book review site, simply follow instructions for reviewing books.

Never pay money for the privilege of reading book reviews.

All the good ones will be free.

If you have to, give them your name and email. If it is a good book review site in your opinion, bookmark it and come back to it often for your reviews.

I will be adding more tips on how to get good reviews of books you might want to purchase, so come back often to see what’s new, if anything, but for now go ahead and read those reviews on GoodReads and Amazon (if applicable) and then go back to my site and purchase the book there so I can get the credit for sending it your way. And please do come back here and let me know in the comments how you liked or loathed it. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

All the best.



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