Mission Statement

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If you’re like me you have dabbled in writing, perhaps many different writing styles all your life. You just like to write, but because writing is mostly an art form you may have found it difficult to get organized and set a schedule to keep you writing every day. You have to wait for the mood or muse to strike you.

And like me, perhaps you have shelves filled with reflections, information, how-tos, that you have started but because you go off onto a different tack with every new sentence you write, you never finish what you begin. That tendency, by the way, just shows that we have the ability to be prolific writers. It is not a bad tendency, just an untamed one.

My Mission

I would like to make it my mission to help folks like you while helping myself find information and programs in the industry that will help us learn how to write about our passions; how to tame those untamed imaginations whether it is to entertain our grandchildren, write for our peers, disseminate information or earn a living through writing the best website content that we can possibly write. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing at this time in my life than learning through teaching the art of writing.

I think I can help you understand the basics of many different types of writing and show you how you may be able to earn a living on the internet with your writing as well. Please help me know how I can better do that for you.


I have put myself in the learner’s position along with you because I have been and I know I will continue to be learning my entire life.

However, there are things that I have already learned and would like to share with you now:

  • I have learned how to choose a passion and how to get it out into the world of internet searchers.
  • I have learned how to discipline myself enough to stay writing every day and
  • I have learned a few things about what researchers like yourself might want to know about quality writing.

These are the things I want to share with you as I continue to learn from you.

The Art of Research

I do have a friend who has trained me in the art of research. He is a trained attorney and has lived by the rules of investigation that he learned in law school all of his life. I use those rules of investigation and verification in all of the articles I share on this blog. I will use already researched information as I can find it, and let you know the source of that research in so far as I am able to find it. Please go now to How To Know What People Want – Customer Motivation – Products     and let me know in an email at beth@writingqualitycontent.com what you think. It’s only by writing, critiquing, getting critiqued that we will become better writers and perhaps the best writer we can me.

There are many different styles of writing and where there are science and research necessary for the appropriate communication on that topic, I will share that research and science with you where appropriate.

Many Surveys

Even though to be completely thorough my specialty would require that I do lots of surveys with individual writers about the things I will share, simply because writing is, as I said above, more of an artistic reflection and communication of personal experience.

Your Product Content ReviewProduct Review

But since that may not be practical for me to do in the beginning, I am offering to you reading this, as part of my venture into sharing how to write quality content, to offer to review any page of your website you send me to critique. Just send me the link and your email and I will email you my critique of the content of your page. This way you will get a free critique and I will have the opportunity to hone my critiquing skills. So, put those page links in my email at beth@writing quality content.com.

What I Ask In Return

Visit the Wealthy Affiliate Site and check out all the great services they provide for newbies and seasoned veterans of the internet. They make the journey into the destination. Get the support you need to stay focused on reaching your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Anything Else?

Also, if there is a product or writing style that I have not touched on through my affiliate product review or critique and product promotion that you would like me to review, please do leave it in the comments below or send me an email to beth@writingqualitycontent.com and I will be more than happy to feature a review in upcoming posts.

PAGE ASSIGNMENT – Please go to:  How To Know What People Want – Customer Motivation

Read through it and let me know if the content is valuable to you in your process of deciding what products, information or services to purchase. Leave your comments and suggestions in the:

  1. comment section of The How to Know…. post,
  2. in the comments section of this post
  3. or at beth@writingqualitycontent.com.

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