How To Research For Articles – Getting The Feedback You Need For What You Write

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If you have ever wanted to start writing, or start doing anything that will get your message out to the world and wanted the support from others just like you who were just getting started and from experts who have been in the business of getting information to those looking for it for a very long time, you deserve to treat yourself to the most revolutionary place on the internet.

I have been joining and paying a lot of money over the years to people and programs who claimed they could help me get my internet website up and running and monetized to boot if that was what I wanted.

I was interested. I wanted to explore this world via the internet because I am a curious person and had the time. I having been searching for the right place to explore the world of the internet on and off for over 15 years.

Recently I found Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned more from Wealthy Affiliate in 1 1/2 months than I have learned playing with the internet over the past 15 years. It’s as simple as that.

It wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliates that all of my dreams of an internet adventure have finally come true.

From knowing practically nothing to having in one month:

  1. Learned about internet marketing, what it is, what it does, that is possible for me to doit,
  2. Learned how to use keywords to unlock my creativity in researching a niche to share my passions in,
  3. Have chosen an appropriate niche to share with the world,
  4. Researched keywords to help me decide on the name for my niche,
  5. Set up my niche website in WordPress,
  6. Have gotten to know which plugins to use and how to install them,
  7. Have written over 12 posts for my niche,
  8. Have drafted and researched over 100 more possible ideas for posts,
  9. Had people read and comment on my posts,
  10. Have had the opportunity to read other people’s posts and comment on them,
  11. Have been given knowledge of how to follow the rankings of my posts on Google,
  12. Have posted my posts and articles on Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest,
  13. Have been given a ranking within my Wealthy Affiliate Community based on the criteria that helps people get ranked high on Google,
  14. Have had the emotional support and questions answered that I have needed to keep going when I got stuck.

I have come a long way and am looking forward:

  • to learning a lot more about the internet and how it works,
  • to learning a lot more about the world and how I can participate in the marketplace it supports,
  • to meeting a lot more interesting people along the way,
  • to reading about a lot more personal passions,
  • to finally getting rid of that gnawing feeling that this is “just too good to be true”
  • and really beginning to believe that Wealthy Affiliates will be with me through the entire learning process all the way to my success.

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Most of all, join me at Wealthy Affiliates for an adventure of a lifetime.

All the best.



6 thoughts on “How To Research For Articles – Getting The Feedback You Need For What You Write”

  1. Indeed, I like to get my message out to the world. I like to share what I know and then read what others know. It’s a great way to learn and progress while inhabiting this biological system by which I view the beautiful world that we live in. Being enabled to learn more in one and a half months than in a previous fifteen year span of time is a very significant achievement. From reading this post I can tell that you have clearly learned a great deal and that you have excellent goals to help in your continuation.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Yes. I think, if I may speak for others, many of us are more than willing and able to spend hard work learning to use the internet according to the rules and for the more altruistic potential it provides. We just need good teachers and leaders to help us do that. Teachers and leaders that don’t break our backs or banks. That is what I have found here at WA.

      I think we should share what we are thinking as often as we feel compelled to. We are such creative creatures, something will fill up the void caused by what we share sooner or later.

  2. I found your site quite intruiging. I have been with wealthy affiliates for several weeks now and just kind of took it for granted that they offer the hosting for our websites….It really is a cool system they’ve got set up here. I certainly don’t want to discourage your webpage, I think you’ve got a really good thing going on. But to be honest, your theme was a bit confusing. We’ve all learned a ton here at WA. and we are advancing every day. Cheers

    1. Hi Torrey,

      Thank you so much for your honest comment. That is the only way I am going to get better. I would love to talk to you more about what you felt was confusing, You said the theme was confusing. Are you saying that the topic of that page was confusing or the theme for all my pages is confusing? The theme for the entire website? Thanks again Torrey. I really appreciate great feed back like yours. So, fire away. You will be helping me a lot.

      All the best. I will visit your site soon.

      All the best.


  3. Hi there,

    Nice post, and it looks like you’re doing very well so far.
    I was also surprised how quickly and easily I was able to get everything going.

    I love how we can get paid to write about our passions, and I think that makes us stronger individuals. Plus e-commerce will get more prevalent and will be easier to use.

    Good luck on your journey ahead!

    1. Thank you Ian,

      All the best to you on your WA journey as well. Let me know if there is a topic you want me to research for you about quality writing. Will visit your website soon.


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