I Get Exhausted Writing Content

I decided to turn one of my comments into a post. Mainly because the answer was getting a little too long for a comment and also, I thought that these thoughts and the question itself might help others with the same question.


So the question was:

I really have a problem with writing content. I know that it is a major factor for the success of a website. I try to write everyday because I need to improve my writing skills. I agree with you that if you really want to develop you have to do it consistently. My only problem now is writing quality content. I find it exhausting because i think that my articles are not that good. Do you have any suggestion?


I agree that writing quality content, in the beginning, is exhausting. I think that is because we are trying to figure out how to express the sincerity we feel about what we are trying to share with others. A wise woman once told me that there are two kinds of work, physical labor, and emotional work. It is very difficult to freely give away our emotional point of view. Even if our point of view is only about a product. I think that most of us care about how our suggestions will affect those we give them too. We want to be helpful. We don’t want to cause other people problems.

The best way to deal with that sometime unconscious concern is to become a very good researcher of our product or information. Find out everything we can about what we are promoting, all the positive points and all the possible pitfalls as well. This thorough research can help free us to feel good that what you are promoting is quality stuff. I wrote a post about research. Please go visit that post at How To Research For Articles – The Psychology of Not Getting Stuck and see if the info helps.

In sharing our point of view (even if it is about a product), we are sharing a vulnerable part of ourselves and I think it is perceived by our customers as honest. I think we are all trying to be honest and sincere about our experience and why it is important enough for us to share it with others. When we open up our feelings, even about a product, to strangers I think more than not we are perceived as being sincere and honest and vulnerable. I think that people are more willing to trust the view of a vulnerable, honest opinion than the view of a sales pitcher who has learned how to protect his feelings with canned robotic words.

Everyone is trying to connect and be connected to. If you have a point of view or story to tell that is from your heart, people may be more inclined to trust what you have to say about other things.

I think that the more you do your research about your product and really try to give your customers quality products, the better you will feel about sharing more emotionally based stories and experiences about other parts of your life as you build out your blog.


Could you share a funny story about the product you are promoting? Everyone loves to laugh or even just giggle. Anecdotes, even about products are fun. Anecdotes and stories that are not your own are just as good. Read about other people’s experiences with the products. As long as you clarify that the experience is not your own, I think people will appreciate it. I really envy those people who have a story or anecdote for every occasion. They can pull a story out of a hat. That is something I really want to work on for myself.

Anything that helps us share in another world even for just a minute can be like a little vacation. Get away from thinking that your writing is being judged harshly. Believe me, it isn’t. And even if someone or two decide they want to judge your writing for some reason. So what. There are more people wanting to root for your sincerity and vulnerability than those who want to judge it.

As you go through Wealthy Affiliates you will be given an opportunity to read a lot of blogs. As you read through them be honest about how their writing affects you personally. Bookmark those sites that you like and would like to return to and learn more from, even if, or should I say especially if it is the writing that you like.


So, yes. Emotional truth can be exhausting. Try a little at a time. Post your stories on WA for comments and know that the comments you are getting from people are for real. Hopefully, those comments will give you the encouragement to keep researching for quality and opening up.

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2 thoughts on “I Get Exhausted Writing Content”

  1. I do agree that the more research you do on a product, the better placed you are at describing it or writing about it. I also feel that if you are in the business of writing for a blog you must outsource some of the work – even if it is just to get a breath of fresh air into the site. Often times readers can predict your writing style and it can get a bit mundane, so a little twist or a different take on a subject might just be the spice you want to add. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment Shaz,
      I agree 100%. In fact I have been thinking about that lately. I try to read as much of other peoples articles and posts as I can then and put my own take on it.
      But you are right, we do get into a kind of predictable writing style the more we write. That is what makes us both unique, brandable and yet predictable.
      I think you are suggesting that we actually pay to get other people to write our blogs once in awhile? Not sure if I am correct about that.
      If so, it would seem to me that the place you choose to write your posts for you be reputable. Do you have such a place in mind to share?
      Thanks again for your suggestion.
      All the best.

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