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Scam or Legit Reviews – On Product Research For Quality Content

In my last blog, How To Know What People Want – Customer Motivation in Stop SignWriting Content – Customer motivation In deciding what you want to put into writing product content, I shared with you, the STOPS that researchers claim just about every human being makes on the road to purchasing a product, service or information they are interested in.

The customer is putting out their hard earned cash and they want to be really happy with the product and services they are spending their money on. They want to know if what they are being advertised is a scam or legitimate in the case of information and services and an actual product in the case of a product purchase. 

These stops may or may not be unconscious and may make up the sum total of a customer’s motivational reason for the purchases they make. The stops we went over in the last blog were:

  1. Personal Motivation
  2. Psychological Motivation
  3. Social Motivation
  4. Product Motivation

Ease of Research and Purchase Motivations or Product Motivation, the fourth stop along the road map to a customer’s decision to purchase a product where they ask ‘is it a scam or is it legit?’ is the subject of this post and the following is an outline of the process of deciding what to put into the content of a post in which you are reviewing a product, that every should go through with every product you want to promote on your website.

Product Research Needs

Putting yourself in the place of your customer you might want to ask yourself the following. (1.)How comfortable would the consumer need to be with the purchase process?

(2.)How easy does it need to be for them to find quality reviews and accurate descriptions of the product they want to purchase?

( 2a.) Is there a warranty on the product?

(2.b) How easy is it to find that warranty?

(3.)Is there a trial offer on the use of the product.

(4.) Are they offering a benefit for trying the product and reporting back to them, or are they just offering a reward for trying it?

(5.) Do they wait until after the trial period is over before they send you your reward, denying you the reward if you cancel the product after the trial period is up?

(6.) Are there any disturbing manipulations concerning the product that you are not comfortable with?

(7.) Are there questions about the product that their own research has not been able to answer? (8.) Is it easy (possible?) to find a live, knowledgeable customer service rep to answer all those question you need to have answered?

Has your customer ever given up on a purchase simply because the process of verifying  the quality of a product was too complicated or difficult or they couldn’t be confident that this product was of good quality?

These are the questions that most smart shoppers will ask themselves in an effort to double check the features, reliability and durability of the products they want to purchase.

Your review of the product will give you the information you need to make a quality content review of the product you are promoting, and it will give your potential customer the confidence to know that the product you are promoting has the features he wants in this product and that it is of the best quality product out there for the price they are looking for.

So How Do We Know If We Are Doing Quality Research?

Again, we ask ourselves what would I want if it were me purchasing the product.

  • Answer:

I would want to know if there are descriptions of the product out there on the internet by people who have no motivation to give it a good review except that they like it, have used it, know how it was made and what it is made of and are, un-rewarded and unsolicited, willing to give an objective review of the product.

Question: How would I find those reviews?

  1. Go to internet enter product description, info description, service description into the search-engine window.
  2. Look for one or two or more products with the qualities and features you like and want.
  3. Understand the process that your consumer uses to make their purchase decisions.
    • He probably knows he must do the research to get the best quality for his dollar, but wishes he could trust someone else to do that for him.
    • One of the best sites to find honest, unbiased, unpaid for reviews fo products and services available especially to affiliates is  
      1. It’s free to research products and businesses that scamxposer has already purchased and reviewed. There is a fee, however, if you want to submit to them a business that you would like reviewed. The fee covers scamxposer’s cost for subscribing to your desired business or website, but I don’t think the fee to scamxposer is anywhere near the costs in time and money to purchase programs yourself to see if they are legit or scams.

4. Lastly and I think this is one of the most important, can you contact an actual customer support person within a reasonable amount of time. Is that support as knowledgeable as thy need to be in answering your questions? Can you escalate your question or concern to a higher level support person? You should always be able to get your questions answered about this product.

Though the following review is not about a product I have reviewed, Click here to see what I have done in reviewing a book for those in my niche who want to make a living writing quality content for themselves and or others.


Evaluating Alternatives

  1. What were the results of your own search?
  2. Were you able to find good product reviews before you bought?
  3. How did you find those product reviews and how did you decide they were good and valid reviews before you purchased the product?
  4. Were you able to find good customer service support to answer ALL those questions you could not find in your research?


Answer:  Go to google again and type in:

  • (a)compare (brand name of a product you would like to purchase) with (second brand name of a product you would like to research) There are websites out there that do nothing but compare and detail contrast brand name consumer products.
  • While you can’t be 100% sure the person writing the comparison isn’t getting a kickback from one or both of the company’s whose brands he is comparing, he is probably getting income in some other way and the comparison he is doing is the service he provides in order to get traffic that purchases other products he may be promoting.
  • So you can be pretty sure he isn’t going to mess with his source of bread and butter and the brand comparisons are pretty accurate.-You do this so that you can get a side by side comparison of the product you want to potentially purchase.

Writing That Review

The full-page, comprehensive review:

Product reviews are one of the big mainstays of the affiliate site:

  • Can you remember purchasing a product in the past after doing the research above and were you more satisfied with the quality of your purchase than you were with products that you didn’t research?
  • Writing ContentWhat specific benefits is the customer looking for in this product? You will need to include these in your product descriptions, explaining how the features and functions help provide those benefits.

Don’t copy the manufacturers description word for word as the customer can get that himself by going to the manufacturer’s site. What the customer is looking for from you is a kind of mini-portal that brings together, comparisons, features, stories of the product they are looking to buy along-side reviews about competitive products. Customers want to know that what you are promoting is the best or at least among the best that is out there.

I’ve been to sites where manufacturer descriptions are transferred directly to the product review site. I click away from those almost immediately and try to find something that explains that information for me.

A review is usually a more effective promotional tool for affiliates than a full-blown sales page because it gets past your readers natural defenses – with a review you’re no longer a salesperson, you’re a friend who is looking out for the reader’s interests, recommending particular products or warning them away from bad products.

  • Is there a return policy on the product, include that.
  • Is there a warranty? Include that.
  • Any trial period offers? Include those. And if there is anything in those offers that might be difficult to fulfill, let your customer know that.
  • Give them the best contact information you can find for the product.
  • Be sure to put some of the customer reviews that you found to be authentic in your review as well and if there is a chart or table that outlines customer satisfaction with the product put that in too. You can’t simply copy the Customer Review Chartreview you read from your research, but you can use it heavily in your review, as always using your own words. Remember, if you have a story to tell about the product or can find one, use it!
  • As you can see there is a lot of information above to gather and analyze. It would probably be easiest to put all of your research for each of the areas of consumer STOPs along the way to a purchase in an excel spreadsheet, every question and answer, every research process taken, every decision made. All should go into a form that puts it all together for you to look at, analyze and consider the best way to review your product. Taking into consideration of course, what motivates you to like this product in the first place. Remember to tell that story.

This may seem like an awful lot of work to go through to get someone to purchase your product. After while if you follow through with the steps I outlined above, each research will take less and less time as you will know what you are looking for and it will jump right up at you that these are the quality reviews I am looking to share. I think commerce should be about service. If I do you the service of providing quality research, put it out there in a clear, well-written manner and tell a story about why you want to promote the product to me, the I may just be more inclined to reciprocate by purchasing the product from you, because trust has been built.

  1. Reviews tend to follow a particular formula on affiliate sites: generally, you will take one or more affiliate products in your market and write a bit about the product from a “critical” perspective. Once you’ve imparted your honest opinion to your visitors you then invite them to learn more by clicking through to the merchant site – through your affiliate link, of course! When they purchase anything at that merchant site, you will get paid a commission for their purchase for sending them there.
  2. You may also wish to try to promote two products on your review pages by claiming that the number 2 product is the best value for money, or the best at some other category that you could create for it, or by saying that it is an essential companion to go with the number 1 product that you recommended. You may even consider testing promoting both products as first equal and giving them the freedom to choose the one that suites their specific needs best. Wit due respect to giving you the truth about his kind of review, I have been told that the downsides of this method is that it can confuse the reader and they may not purchase either product as a result. I personally think that the truth is always the best way to build trust. If there are two products out there of the same quality, let your reader know and let them decide. They will realize that you are more interested in giving them a solution to their problem and providing them with quality products than you are at taking their money. This is something you need to test for yourself.
  3. This is the kind of review a lot of us enjoy reading. This review goes into all the details: all the features, all the benefits, the good points and the bad points, complete with oodles of product photos or screenshots.These types of reviews can be successful in certain circumstances. They can be great as landing pages for pay-per-click, and for grabbing targeted natural search engine traffic that is specifically looking for reviews of a particular product.
  4. This is good for you if your review is written so well that it outperforms the current sales page that the merchant has – in this case, you may even be able to request that the merchant allows you to link directly to the payment page as there is no need for the reader to read through the merchant’s sales page after reading your in-depth review

One place where you can get quality reviews on any post or review that you write before you publish is a wonderful internet community that I belong to and just love. It’s a site that mentors you step by step into and through the choosing and creating of a niche website the seeds of which begin with your passion for life and ends up through the Wealthy Affiliates Community as an expression of the creativity, discipline and aspirations of your finest self.

Go, right now, to Wealthy Affiliates and become part of a community that will help you to express your inner passions with quality content that will draw people to come back again and again to see what you have to offer.

You’ll be glad that you did.

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12 thoughts on “Scam or Legit Reviews – On Product Research For Quality Content”

  1. Hi Beth! Thank you so much for this valuable information! I have a website focus on reviews and I am sure I can apply everything you said here to improve my business.

    What I have realized after some time of doing my reviews is that there are bad reviews who work in cooperation with scammers. They might even be the scammers themselves trying to get their products on the first page of google.

    So, I think we, as a consumer, should really be careful and look for others sources. Not just one. in time, we can build trust in a handful of websites and go straight to them to see what they are talking about… so we get reliable information while not losing time.

    All the best

    1. That’s right Stefan. There are those who spend all of their time getting noticed but have nothing to say. If we stay true to the quality of our product, and do the promoting that Kyle, Carson and many other talented people at WA are showing us how to do, I think the quality of our efforts will make a difference eventually in the number of people who return to us as a source quality product reviews.

      Thank you for the comment. Let me know what your site is.

      All the best.


  2. Thank you for sharing this information, very useful and make a lot of sense. As my experience I do promote the product before, I didn’t search about the quality etc. cause I thought once you share that product with writing any review won’t affect in some way.
    But in the long run, of my learning process, I understand the importance of product review, researching. I feel difficult to create a review in the items that never try to use before :). Silly me but it is true.
    Your content is really a great help for people like me.

    1. Hi Mondejar,

      I don’t think you need to have tried the product. If it is a quality product other people will certainly have tried it and most likely written a review on it. I am in the process of researching the best places to find product reviews other than the merchant site. Look back on my site for a post that covers that in the future.

      Let me know what your site is and I will visit you.

      All the best.


  3. Enjoyed your article. I have sometimes struggled getting geared up to write a review, especially about something I am not overly passionate about. Understanding the customer purchasing process is key to writing those reviews, especially if you are promoting the product. That being said, I usually question why I am promoting a product if I have a hard time getting excited about it.

    1. Hi Kyle,

      I guess that is when we have to go out of ourselves and see if we can see the need in our customer that motivates them to want the product. I am going to try to stay with quality products that really tend to help out in some way. I guess if our reviews can help people who read them and who haven’t really thought about purchasing that product before, but because of what we say about a REAL need, they see it as a solution, that is a good thing. That has happened to me many times, especially in WA. I am researching a website and I think, wow! that is exactly what I’ve been looking for and couldn’t find. Some really high-quality websites here. Thanks Kyle for this concept and working to see it through. I really think it could be a basic model for all marketing in the future. Your method really serves so many needs in each individual and so many needs in many individuals.

      What I like about websites is that people come looking for what we are offering first. They seek us out with their searches. We are not out there hawking our wares, I don’t think. The fact that they come to us makes it easier to just concentrate our content on good quality research and providing real solutions to their real needs.

      Thank you, Kyle, for your comments. I appreciate them.

      All the best.


  4. Hi Elizabeth, interesting article on the process of promoting products on the internet. I have a website myself and find the information incredibly useful to help me write product reviews. We need to build trust and that can all go down the drain by recommending the wrong products or not doing proper research. Thanks again, Elizabeth!

    1. Hi Stacey,

      Thanks for the review. I think that you are right. Trust is the most important aspect of promoting anything. If we can promote a few high-quality products that we can do really thorough research on, though it takes time will be time well spent. What is your website? I’d like to visit and see how you write your reviews.

      Again thanks for the review and all the best.


  5. Hello BHaran, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your website. It can definitely be dificult to come up with consistent quality content. The advice that you provide in this article is very helpful and I will be sure to bookmark your article for times I get stuck trying to write new articles. Ill be sure to share with others. Thanks, Adam

  6. Hey Beth,
    Wow this is some super article you’ve put up, very impactful content and I enjoyed reading them too. I write reviews often I often forgot to add in the seller’s contact details.

    For me, taking screenshots of the product is a powerful engagement element there because from my experience, people tend to believe reviews that have photos because they want to see proof.

    1. Thanks Riaz,

      The best advice we can give one another is to be our own best advocates in everything. Be thorough, do your research into how to get redress if the product fails and try not to ask anyone to overspend for any product and you will be a good sales person. Not asking people to overspend for a product keeps prices down for everyone and then inflation stays low and we have an economy that we can afford and that will be good for our children. All the best.


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