What About Website Content? – Cultural Contribution

Writing Defines A CulureWhat about website content? It’s about writing. And what about writing? Writing records a culture and often defines it. Writing is one of the oldest professions known to human beings. Writing defines a culture, records it, molds and models it. Writing sells a culture and entertains and provides a living for many of the members within a culture. Because of the great diversity of writing purposes that motivate writers, there have arisen a wide and exciting  array of types and classifications of writing. A few are:240_F_29616183_dPJ434bDa1kjrqytih49P8u4Stwxg8ZA
  • professional journaling
  • theological and philosophical reflections,
  • information articles,
  • technical articles,
  • how-to guides,
  • novels, short stories,
  • ad copy,
  • reporting and there are many more.

When I was learning about writing in school I thought of it as a means of understanding where I came from, my cultural, literary roots, the stories and histories and biographies that have created and maintained the traditions and systems that nurture and sustain myself and the people that I love.

 Since I live in a written culture that has been developing and adapting for over 5,000 years, and 240_F_51328421_8esD7awFvRK4IpZZWr4tMBWgScVM4jB3through my research into the writing of that culture I can find out what has been discarded and what has been deemed worthy of keeping in my culture, I try to take that into consideration in determining what is worthy of continuing to transmit to you through my writing.


When I have traditionally thought of doing my own writing, I think of hand-writing private 240_F_56079143_e7BVK1iX0bL515nXTUssj0lDq9kcdTK8thoughts into a journal under lock and key. I was fortunate when I stepped out into taking a creative writing course in college to have been encouraged by my teacher to continue writing for others enjoyment. And because I enjoy writing so very much and would like to do it full time, I am now exploring with this blog the exciting world of writing for income.

I have been trying for years to find a way to share my writing with other people in a tactful and reflective way. How could I get my writing out to people who might be interested in it and how could I get quality feedback on what I write? I could write a novel on why that never happened for me, but that is for another post. Right now I want to share with you a way in which my dreams of finding a community of people who would be interested in what I write has been realized.Group of Diverse People

I found this wonderful community of people like myself from all walks of life old, young, artists, thinkers, comedians, the practical, the whimsical, the ordered and disciplined, the scatterbrains, experienced, non-experienced all of us come together, as far as I can tell, to share our ideas, hopes, dreams, those talents and aspirations that may or may not have been locked up inside of us for, in my case, MANY years. We come together to share with one another and the whole world what we have been learning about the world and ourselves, through experience, all our lives. And lo and behold, people are interested in us.

This is an exciting idea, because, I think that if everyone had a way to express who they are and how they have come to be who they are with others, through: art, writing, song, dance, the formulation and creation of a product or products to sell, and get feedback on the value of that expression in a community of caring individuals who help make that expression of themselves better through their feedback, then the people who express themselves and the world they express themselves to can only benefit from the great wealth and value of shared ideas.Express Yourself

It is difficult for me to adequately express what I think is happening with the Internet’s potential to get everyone’s ideas good and bad out there where anyone can find and benefit from them.  This is what I want to share with you. If you have ever wanted to express yourself in any way and didn’t have a community to give you the necessary feedback to hone your skills and make them world-ready, or to even just force you to start expressing yourself, good or bad, in some form, then you need to look no further.Seems Like A Good Idea

This is what I want to share with you. If you have ever wanted to express yourself in any way and didn’t have a community to give you the necessary feedback to hone your skills and make them world-ready, then you need to look no further. I’ve looked and looked trying to find a place to share who and what I have become. I don’t think I am being vain in wanting that for myself. I am just grateful that I have found a place where potentially everyone can do that.


WA LogoSo, my friends  if you want to get started on an amazing journey of sharing yourself warts and all  with the world, come join me and thousands of others at Wealthy Affiliates who have taken that journey step by step, with feedback and support at every step by step. You learn, you grow, you step out of your comfort zones to see what you are really made of and, no surprise, what we’re made of is great stuff.

So In Summary

In the title of this page, I said that writing records a culture, but I also said that in many cases it defines a culture. A hundred years or so before our current culture there was nothing but books to record and define who we were as a culture.

Bragging Rights A Little  Today, even though most of our pop-culture is defined and recorded by movies, videos, and songs, everything that is shared on media whether that media is visual or auditory begins with something that is written down; a song, a video, a movie, a play, a book all begin at the tip of someone’s pen. 240_F_48771620_9XLY3b4zdXhXwq69QsdJSQTuDcxrb3ab

But with the internet as the structure for the dissemination of much of that culture, pop or not, whether through writing, video, music, play. books, articles, products, etc.  you and I have more and more the ability to contribute to and define the culture of the future.

And, I hope to help you find not only what is worth contributing to the formation of a future cultural environment, but what is worth keeping of your past.

We are on an amazing journey and I am going to make an effort to page1-420px-AR_web_28pp_24mar11_300.pdf (1) show you how to use the internet as a vehicle to help you share your contribution to your culture with the world and your vision of a world culture with everyone you want to. Every vehicle needs fuel. The fuel of our vehicle is going to be your creativity. Come and join the journey at Wealthy Affiliates today. You won’t regret it.

All the best.


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