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Because of the popularity of the internet and people’s tendency to surf it during much of their free time, writing quality content for your website or blog, has become a medium for selling or giving away products and services people would be looking for in their spare time anyway even if they weren’t on the internet. I call this sales blogging content, quality content for financial gain.

Writing quality content has different definitions depending on what medium you are writing in. Writing content for your website like fiction and non-fiction is intended to inform or entertain.

Blogging is a medium for getting your thoughts and ideas out to people you know over the internet and like a news reporter, or a novelist also to people you don’t know. Blogging is communication; communication of knowledge, thoughts, beliefs.

Quality content for financial gain is a little different than if you are writing quality content for a novel (fiction) or a news story or history book (nonfiction) say.

In a novel, you have complete control over your content, its characters, plot and everything that goes into writing a great novel. The quality of your content depends on your ability to reach the hearts and minds of your readers, taking them into a world that you create and control, and getting them to come back and read more and more of what your imagination has to say, by buying more and of your novels.

In a news story, however, you have to write the facts of the story you are communicating. You cannot make up anything and be considered a good news reporter. The quality of your content depends upon the accuracy and completeness of the facts that you are reporting in that story and though the most important thing isn’t just that you keeping your readers reading your newspapers, but that you keep them reading for the quality (truth) of your content.

Writing quality content for financial gain, is in many ways a combination of writing a great novel and writing a great news story. Though you are looking to please those customers who might be interested in your product or service by telling them a compelling story about your experience with the product or service you are selling them much like the words you would use in a novel, you are also going to need to get factual website information about the product out as succinctly and as quickly as you can, much like a news story.


Now in order to get this quality writing out to the people who are looking for it, you also need to reach your customer. The quality of blog writing is going to also depend on whether-or-not your potential customers can find you and your product or service on the internet in the first place in order to be attracted to it and buy it. And this is going to depend on  your use of the words in your writing that customers are searching for on the internet. These words that you are going to have to use, are called keywords.  Therefore, the quality of your writing is going to depend on your ability to choose the words that your potential customer is typing into the search engine. It’s going to depend on the ability of your customers to find you on the internet and then to like what you have to say about your product or service and their belief in the truth of what you are saying. More about how to do this in a later post.

So, quality content in a website depends on:

  1. attractiveness (the ability for you to write a sales pitch that includes compelling personal experience in the reason you may have tried the product in the first place.)
  2. truthfulness in writing (the ability of your customer to trust that what you are saying about the product or service is true ie. knowledge of the product or the product producer and or developer and personal trust in the efficacy of the product and/or service.) You might want to check out places like:
    1. E-Commerce Consumer Reviews
    2. What About Non-Passion Niches? I’m not saying don’t follow your passion, but if your passion could fall into one of the research slots that qualify as good sales potential, why not? Read this post with your passion in mind too.
    3. Interesting Facts About People Who Do Product Research Before They Buy – Pew Research Trust
  3. keywords (the ability of your customers to find your product)

In summary  then, so, much like writing quality content for a novel or news storywriting quality content for your website is like both. You can’t be certain of the perfection of your writing, write from your heart. Also, in writing for financial gain, you have to be sure your facts are correct about your product or service, and yet you have to create content that is more succinct rather than again trying to get everything you want to express into your content before you publish it.

And finally, writing quality content for your website should focus each page you write on a specific theme that you have researched. The keyword related content you create is going to be the root of all the traffic you get to your website.

Take Away

I try to give a short takeaway or page assignment(below) after each of my posts. Try it if you like, or not. It may help you to understand better some of the ideas I talked about above. It is up to you.

Doing the assignment may also bring up questions that I hope you will ask me about in the comment and question section at the bottom of this page. I thrive on feedback and comments and I learn from the criticisms and critiques, so please be generous with both.

Page Assignment

Write a page or less of content about the product or service you want people to want. Use attraction, truthfulness and keywords of your choosing to write it. Later on, we’ll talk about how to find the keywords that your potential customers are looking for on the internet.

Please comment on my page below.

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And email me with any concern you have, suggestions for a topic for a post or blog about writing content of any kind that you would like me to research, or just to chat further about something you have read or that may be of interest to you


Thank you for your comments and feedback.






17 thoughts on “Writing Quality Content For Your Website For – Financial Gain”

  1. BHaran,I wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your site. Knowing your content is very important to your websites success – and your site makes it clear having the tools and being persistent will help u succeed. I also found navigating your site to be clear and direct. Ill be sure to let my friends know to check your site out. Thanks

    1. Hi Adam,

      Thank you for the encouragement. It is good to know that my experiences are helping you communicate more clearly. That is my goal and rapidly becoming my passion. Let me know what you would like to read about. If I can I will respond. All the best. Will take a look at your site soon.

      Thanks again. Beth.

  2. This is an excellent summary of what one needs to do to write good website content. well done.

    You analogy of putting together the techniques from writing fiction and writing news material well describes the actual way content needs to be put together.

    Combining facts and truth with entertainment is quite a skill to master. Your explanation of this should help many budding web entrepreneurs.

    1. Thanks Rookie, There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to do something and not being able to find the information I need to do it. I really think that this internet marketing is tryiing to become a marketplace of free shared ideas and i want to encourage and contribute to that model. I think that the resources will come the ideas get out there. Take care, and I’ll take a look at your site asap. Elizabeth

  3. hi Beth
    I had never seen writing on a website compared to writing a news story or a novel but what a great idea! You pull out the important information. If you write on your own website, you have to write from the heart! It has to be your passion and it should come across in your writing. But also, it is very important, just like a news story, that your facts are accurate. Otherwise, people will not trust you as a source of information. And the credibility of your website will be affected.

    1. Hi Emily,
      Wonderful website. I am glad you are promoting such wonderful Native American products. It is sad, though, that though necessary to know and read about as it is the truth, the only Native American story I can find on your site is the one about the boy who dropped out of 4th grade. I never want to stop hearing about the truth of the way our ancestors treated the Native populations, but it would be wonderful 1) to read more stories and 2) to read a few stories about Native American individuals and communities that may be prospering. Also, would love to know what is going on with the money that the Native Americans are supposed to be getting from their Gaming Enterprises. Thanks for your comments on my site and will look forward to reading more on your site. Elizabeth

  4. I like how you used the analogy that writing quality content is like writing a novel and a news story together. I have been interested in research that it takes to be a good writer, which would probably make me partial to the “news story” style of writing. Great read with lots of great ideas though!

    1. Hi Phil,
      I tried to comment on your website about the page you posted about earphones, but there was a glitch and your site wouldn’t accept my URL.
      I asked a question of the community and did get an answer to resolve the problem.
      I think I was able to comment on your website on another forum but for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you where right now.

      I just wanted to make sure that you knew that putting your research into a table might be helpful, especially when you are comparing the products of other competitors with the ones you are promoting. Even the customer ratings could go into a table. You could connect links from any of the squares in the table to a page that spoke more to that issue. That was you could cover more material in your page for both newbie and advanced.
      Of course, those things that can’t be covered in a table, and your own (life quality) experience with the product would be a good story to put on the post page with the table. I love tables. Anyway thanks for your comment on my site. Come back anytime and give me suggestions on what to write about.

  5. Hi Beth, I enjoyed your post very much. As someone who is very new to blogging I’m always happy to learn tips to help me on my way. I most appreciated your point about truthfulness in writing. When I come across a post that I find interesting, then start to see that it’s really about trying to sell me something, I leave right away. Not only that but I find myself feeling disappointed, and to be honest a little conned. What started out as a feeling of
    “thank you it’s so nice you wanted to help” turns into feeling almost used. I don’t think you can fake sincerity, so even if you are looking to make money from your blog, which most of us are, doesn’t mean you also can’t be honest in the process.

    1. Dear Hindy,
      Thank you for your reply. It will always be nice to hear from you.
      I am hoping to write a blog on how to determine if the customer reviews of a product we are promoting is a legitimate review or a plant.
      Because of your reply to my post, I will try to do that post next.
      Stay tuned.
      I am still going through the courses too.
      Hang in there and ask all the questions you can of everyone out there.
      Never stop asking those questions.
      All the best.

  6. Hi Beth, what an amazing list of good tips. You magically describes a pillar of blogging and, in my case, for marketing purposes it is essential to treat the readers with the best of the content. I will write you soon for asking more tips and tricks.

  7. Enjoyed reading this post Beth. The niche I have chosen deals with happiness in marriage. While I have plenty of topics to write about using the tips you’ve mentioned here, the area that I often worry about is monetizing the site. I am not keen on putting up ads – I’d rather be an affiliate. The challenge though is for a marriage website there are only so many “products” out there – and most of them are books. I am having a hard time trying to find products (other than gifts!) to push. I’ll be closely following your posts for more inspiration. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Shaz,
      Just getting started myself, but in my travels I will look out for products that might be helpful to you and your niche. Will send them along. So sorry I can’t help more just now.

      Keep at it. Think helpful and you can’t go wrong.


  8. Who ever thought that by writing content one can earn a living on the internet. Way back when I had an interest in making money online I was focus on ecommerce, I never knew that you could write about your experiences, knowledge of the things you have been thought over the years or even by voicing your opinions and get people to take an interest in what you have to say and earn income from it. Providing quality content is truly a remarkable and rewarding thing.

    1. Take a look at a site called copyhackers.com. Thet are very talented folks and have lots of great ideas to share about different types of commercial writing.

      If you’re interested in make writing your niche, be sure to hitch your wagon to the best instruction that is out there.

      There are talented and accomplished artists here in Wealthy Affiliates as well. Be sure to check out their writing classes and blogs.

      Ask them questions and find the help you need to decide what area of writing you may be best at.

      Then take their advice, make it your own and share your dreams and creations with everyone at Wealthy Affiliate. That’s what they are there for.

      Thanks for your comment.

      All the best.


  9. A very useful post as I am always wanting to improve my website. I want people to read my posts Nd so want to make them engaging as possible.

    It looks like you have to put in your opinions about a product while you put in the facts. I am good at getting the facts but I feel I need to work on getting my opinions across.

    It’s good to know that I am doing some things right as I do try to write from the heart. I just hope people appreciate my content and like my site. But also I do make sure I put in correct facts, as I do not want to lie. That is not me.

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